Who pays for the Fire District?+

The Fire District exists due to Nevada law, NRS 474, as a special district. More than half of the Fire District’s revenue comes from a property tax based on the assessed value of a property. Currently, the existing tax rate is $0.29 per $100 of assessed value. The Fire District also holds the enterprise franchise agreement with the City of Fernley to provide ambulance service. The ambulance service generates revenue by billing patients, which provides revenue to staff paramedics and provide ambulance transport.

Who sets the tax rate?+

Yearly, the Fire Board is able to increase the tax rate at very low amounts. For larger increases, any tax rate must be voter approved.

I am a Fernley resident and pay property tax. I was transported by your ambulance, why did I receive a bill?+

The ambulance service is an enterprise fund. Services are provided through user fees.

Why do I see fire trucks and ambulances in Fernley other than North Lyon Fire?+

The Fire District has many mutual aid agreements with the surrounding Fire and EMS agencies in this region. Due to multiple 911 calls that can occur at once, we implement our mutual aid agreements with the surrounding agencies to ensure that emergency needs are met. Basically, when all of our staff are obligated on other calls, we call in other agencies to help us.

Why do I see ambulances or fire trucks with their lights and sirens on going down the street, then turn them off and slow down?+

In this situation, it is more than likely that the ambulance or fire truck was canceled to the call. The ambulance or fire truck will also turn them off and slow down through active school zones.