Our Staff

North Lyon County Fire Protection District is a combination fire department with full-time paid staff and volunteers.  Our staffing consists of the following:

District Fire Chief

Office Manager

Administrative Assistant

Four shift rotations; A, B, C and D.

A, B and C shifts are comprised of 2 Firefighter/Paramedics and 2 Firefighter/AEMTs. D shift is 1 Paramedic and 1 AEMT. 

We currently have 11 Reserve Firefighter/EMS personnel.

Our Volunteer Staff respond to calls when they are available and attend regular meetings, as well as scheduled training.  Volunteers receive Firefighter and/or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training to become certified.  We currently have 14 Volunteer Firefighter/EMS.

Reserves fulfill minimum staffing requirements during career personnel absence and foster career development to achieve the goal of permanent employment in the Fire Service Industry.

Our administrative staff work a 40-hour work week, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm with lunch between noon and 1 pm.

Our Staff are professional, highly trained and dedicated to our community.


Office Manager, Kasey Miller kmiller@northlyonfire.com

Admin Assistant, Stacey Rowling srowling@northlyonfire.com


  Captain Steve Kuntz Firefighter/Paramedic  skuntz@northlyonfire.com

Firefighter/Paramedic, Jeb Browning jbrowning@northlyonfire.com

Firefighter/AEMT, Bill Snyder bsnyder@northlyonfire.com

Firefighter/Paramedic, John Renaud jrenaud@northlyonfire.com


Captain John Criscione, Firefighter/Paramedic jcriscione@northlyonfire.com Firefighter/AEMT, Jesse Richardson jrichardson@northlyonfire.com 

Firefighter/Paramedic, Tim Myers

Firefighter/AEMT, Ryan Arnaud

                                                                                  C-SHIFT PERSONNEL

Captain Josh Cohen, Firefighter/AEMT   jcohen@northlyonfire.com

Firefighter/Paramedic, Paul Murphy

Firefighter/Paramedic, Kelli Cartwright kcartwright@northlyonfire.com

Firefighter/AEMT, JT McCoy jmccoy@northlyonfire.com

                                                                                  D-SHIFT PERSONNEL

Paramedic, Dan Taylor
dtaylor@northlyonfire.comAEMT, Adam Brewer
abrewer@northlyonfire.comParamedic, Courtney Fields
Paramedic, Jeffrey Hirschmann
jhirschmann@northlyonfire.comParamedic, Michael Silverberg
msilverberg@northlyonfire.comFirefighter/AEMT, Joe Mendoza


Volunteer Personnel 

-Firefighter/EMT –

          Louie D,  Stephen E,  Daniel G,  Marcos G,  Serena G,  William M,  Michael O, 

Heather S,  Jacob S,  James S,  Paul W,  Ariyah H, Benjamin A, Amanda A, Ryan M