Business Inspections

Commercial Fire Inspection

The Fire District conducts routine fire and life safety inspections on an annual or biennial basis, depending on the property type and associated hazards.  Such inspections lessen the threat of fires and promote the public’s safety and welfare.

To help cover the cost of these safety inspections, and to encourage prompt compliance with fire codes, the District’s fee schedule is used.  The fee also covers Operational Permits provided after the business is inspected and confirmed safe. Contact the North Lyon County Fire District Office at 775-575-3310 for more information about fire inspections and the fee structure.

Inspection Program Highlights:  The North Lyon County Fire Protection District has partnered with Fire Recovery USA and FIREHOUSE Software to provide state-of-the-art equipment and electronic fire inspection reporting and invoicing.  Inspection notices, invoices and permits will be electronically delivered and tracked to the email address you provide our inspectors.

Invoices and receipts will come from  You will have the option of several payment methods. Simply follow the instructions provided in your e-mailed invoice.

Questions?  For invoicing and payment inquiries, please contact Fire Recovery USA at (888) 640-7222, extension 117, or e-mail  For inspection and code inquiries, contact the North Lyon County Fire District’s Office.


The Fire Chief and his staff are responsible for citywide enforcement of the adopted fire code, NRS and local ordinances as they relate to life and safety. Other responsibilities include public education, fire investigation, business license inspections, pyrotechnic permitting, pre-incident survey programs and code compliance for large community events. Our upgraded inspection programs have reduced the number of Commercial Fires in our community in recent years and we plan on future improvements.