About Us

The North Lyon County Fire Protection District is a combination Fire Department of paid and volunteer staff serving the City of Fernley and surrounding area with “all risk” emergency services, including ambulance transport. Our service area covers approximately 162 square miles, serving approximately 20,000 residents. Our service area is unique and possess many risks, including a large industrial park, major highway thoroughfare, railroad system, and much more.

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Our Motto:

People First is Our Motto and overriding theme.  We are a People First District.  Within this simple Motto resides the entirety of our foundation and focus.  We will always put others needs first.  We enthusiastically seek to provide exceptional services to the people in our community and those who call for our assistance from a People First approach.  Everything we do must be considered from a People First perspective.  Our mission, vision and values are all firmly grounded in our People First approach.

Our Mission:

We save lives.  We protect property.  We strengthen community relationships.  We engage with our community.  We do this to make our community safer, better and stronger.

Our Vision:

Enhance and advance our emergency response and protection capabilities to meet the needs of our diverse and growing community.

Our Values:

Service – Nothing takes priority over responding to our community’s needs.

Dedication – We are dedicated to our citizens, community and District.  We choose to serve and demonstrate our dedication through our daily actions and reactions to the needs of our citizens, community and District.

Teamwork – We all bring a unique perspective, skills set and experience to the District.  We recognize that we are stronger and safer as a team.  We value diversity, and respect the different paths that have brought us together in service to the community.

Integrity –  We are honest, truthful, trustworthy and accountable; People First guides our actions.

Accountability –  We own our failures so that we can own our successes.  We hold each other to the highest standards of our profession and help each other achieve, grow and learn.