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Safety Reminder!

Do not leave animals or children unattended!

The Lyon County Communication Center have had reports of animals, primarily dogs, locked in cars in extreme weather conditions, and seeming to be in distress. These extreme weather conditions can exist in extreme heat or cold. In some instances, there is not an Animal Control Officer or Deputy available to respond if they are committed to other calls. Therefore, a delay in response times may happen, which is a disservice to our citizens.
NRS 574.195 2(a, c e) states that a peace officer, animal control officer and employee or volunteer of any organized fire department, “may use any force that is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances to remove from a vehicle a cat or dog that is allowed to remain in the motor vehicle in violation of subsection 1”.
If our District is requested when no other agencies are available, based on NRS, we will respond just as we would in the event of a child trapped in a car.
Our goal is to provide our citizens with the appropriate response based on available resources, and we will continue to strive to accomplish this goal, even with our limited resources.

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