Ambulance Saver Program


Ambulance Saver Program

When you or a family member have a medical emergency, you should not have to worry about the ambulance cost. The North Lyon County Fire Protection District is proud to offer the Ambulance Saver Program. The Ambulance Saver Program will eliminate out-of-pocket expenses should you or your family require ambulance service. Ambulance services are very expensive with the average trip being about $1,500. The affordable Ambulance Saver Program costs $75 per year for a family and $50 per year for a single member household. With The Ambulance Saver Program, you and your family will receive the best emergency ambulance service available, as often as medically necessary, with no additional expense. You need to provide us with any insurance you have so we can bill them accordingly. Members of the Ambulance Saver Program will have full coverage without dedcutibles, and absolutely nothing more to pay for ambulance transportation to the hospital.

*Air-ambulance service in not covered by this plan.

Please note, the program coverage period runs from July 1st to June 30th of each year. If you sign up after July 1st, your coverage will not be pro-rated and will begin upon receipt of the completed application and payment. Coverage will expire on June 30th.


Download the application below, or call the North Lyon County Fire Protection District at (775)575-3310 or pick up an applicatoin at the District Office at 195 E Main st. Fernley, NV.

Ambulance Subscription Application

Ambulance Subscription Cover Letter

Ambulance Subscription Renewal Form 6-2014

Ambulance Subscription Renewal Letter 6-2014